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What we do:
We raise credit scores by removing negative items from your credit report. By working with you, your creditors and the credit bureaus we can also add positive accounts to improve your credit standing.
How we do it:
Our state-of-the-art software system allows us to efficiently manage your file while using our expertise to develop an action plan for your time constraints and goals.
Why you need it:
A 50 point increase in your credit score can mean hundreds of thousands on a home loan...and even be the difference between getting approved and denied.
How to start:
Give us a call at (888) 247-8882 or fill out our contact form and get in touch with our representatives for a risk-free consultation.

Are you in Credit Prison?

How does honest, legal, moral and ethical credit repair work?

Protect Your Credit!

How do I protect myself from Identity Theft?

Software Sneak Peak

Check out the state of the art and secure technology we use to raise credit scores.

What's a Credit Report?

Learn what is, and what is not, included in a credit report.

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We Are Credit Experts

Thank you for choosing Global Credit Management! We take pride in providing you with a customized credit repair and debt management solution, and we look forward to being a part of the new positive changes in your financial future.  

How We Raise Credit Scores

Our expertise allows us to repair your credit legally by first devising a plan of action which includes an assessment of your credit report, an evaluation of your debt, your new credit projection and your aimed financial goals.

Then, we dispute any inaccuracies in your credit report with the credit bureaus and/or your creditors. The law is on your side and we will take advantage of this fact on your behalf.  

During this entire process, you are able to login & access your file 24/7 via our state of the art portal to view recent activity, messages from our staff, and to see what negative items have been removed from your report.

With an average credit score increase of 60-150 points, our clients have the advantage to save hundreds of thousands on their mortgage, credit card bills, and even qualify for more employment opportunities. Call us at (888) 247-8882 for a free initial consultation. You have nothing to lose!


    > Risk Free Credit Repair Consultation
    > Customized Credit Repair Solutions with Pay Per Deletion Option
    > No-Hassle Cancelation Policy
    > In Depth Credit Analysis emphasizing on how to improve your credit score
    > Risk Factor Assessment & Debt Management Programs
    > Professional Debt Review & Budgeting Planning/Guidelines
    > State of The Art Technology Platform with 24/7 Client Portal Access
    > Advanced Credit Repair Education with Structured Online Resource


With our 100% money-back guarantee rest assure that we will remove any false, misleading or unverifiable information from your credit report or your money back.


Take advantage on additional discounts when you sign up with a spouse, coworker, friend or family member.


Global Credit Management has a great referral program for its new and existing clients. We appreciate the fact that our clients trust our services, and we reward them for sharing their stories with others. Please contact us at (888) 247-8882 or email us at for more details.


You will learn:

    > A better understanding of your credit report and  credit score

    > How your credit score might be putting you at a disadvantage

    > How a better credit score will expedite debt payoff & save you thousands on interests

    > How to leverage your rights as a consumer & use the FCRA to your advantage

    > Exactly what true financial independence means and how to build a solid lucrative future

Working together, we can optimize your credit score and supply you with the information you need to keep your credit strong and free of negative items.