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Who is Global Credit Management ("GCM")

Global Credit Management
, The Leader in Credit Repair & Debt Management, is dedicated to help improve your credit score by assisting you with debt management & the credit repair process.

GCM has the expertise to repair your credit legally by appealing unfavorable entries & unverifiable negative items from the major credit reporting companies: Equifax, Experian, and Trans-Union.

The GCM Advantage

GCM’s up to date innovative Credit Status Portal is compiled by experienced professionals with years of credit granting experience to help you achieve your goal of rebuilding your credit. Both practical law procedures and ethical guidelines are used to your benefit so that you can obtain optimal outcome.

Our success is driven by our commitment to unparalleled customer satisfaction, achieved through effective personalized solutions, expanded affiliate partnership relations, and our employees’ dedication and involvement in seeing each client succeed in their road to financial freedom.

Let GCM leverage your consumer rights to engage the credit bureaus and your creditors so that they can remove any inaccurate and unverifiable items from your credit report. This will improve your credit score and allow you to obtain credit on more favorable terms. We have extensive experience challenging negative items from credit reports using well calculated methods that are legal and supported by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

What Makes us Different?

1. Effectiveness

We have a proven track record of raising credit scores quickly and effectively to give our clients better purchasing power. Our personalized credit repair process ensures that the maximum amount of inaccurate or unverifiable information is effectively removed in a minimum amount of time.

2. Innovative Ideas and Ground Breaking Technology

GCM’s interactive secured portal provides clients with an in depth review of credit assessments along with the most enhanced communicating technology in the industry for successful removal of negative items from credit reports. Our state of the art web based software system allows clients to access their files 24/7 in order to keep track of their progress. This process is unique in the industry and has been honed to perfection by years of refinements.

3. Accuracy

To further educate you about ever-changing credit laws, as well as all the new methods of credit maintenance, GCM continuously updates credit repair resources available on the website and routinely revises its calculated credit repair strategies to ensure precision.  In addition, our monthly newsletters are designed to inform you of the latest credit repair updates so that you may always find yourself ahead of the credit repair curve.

4. Speed

The staff at GCM understands that you do not have a lot of time on your hands. Therefore, the credit repair process has been simplified so that you can see result within three to six months. We use the fastest tracking methods for improving your credit standing and thanks to the state of the art software portal, client files are managed efficiently and easily accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

5. Assurance

GCM will map out a plan which includes an evaluation of your debt, an assessment of your credit report, your new credit projection, and your targeted financial goals so that you can quickly and realistically regain control of your finances.

6. Value

GCM is dedicated to consistently providing exceptional customer services by rendering outstanding services.

7. Perfectionism

This includes everything from maintaining the confidentiality of our clients, investing in the latest software technology to hiring the very best credit repair specialists.

9. Professionalism

Qualified and skilled credit repair specialists are highly motivated to help each client succeed.  The trained & friendly staff at GCM honors a fair and equal professional work ethic.

10. Reliability

It is the intent of GCM to build a trustworthy oriented relationship with all of its clients by providing not only credit repair & debt management services, but educational information that will aid them in the progression of obtaining and maintaining a better credit standing.