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At GCM, we understand that everyone's credit report and financial situation are unique. This is why we offer comprehensive, personalized and proven credit repair solutions to help you increase your credit score, manage your debt so that you can regain financial freedom.

Did you know that more than 79% of Credit Reports contain Errors?

Some of these errors are serious enough to result in the denial of credit, a loan, or even a job! The burden is on you to keep your report as accurate as possible. Remember, credit bureaus accept without your knowledge any negative information about you from creditors or other sources, and regardless of whether the info is correct or not. The credit bureau is under no obligation to check the accuracy of your credit information until you challenge it.  Unfortunately, credit suppliers such as credit card companies, mortgage lenders, etc., will rely heavily upon the information in your credit report even though the credit bureau has no responsibility for its accuracy. Since the credit bureaus and nobody else police your credit reports for you, you must check its accuracy for yourself! This is why it is important to monitor your credit report closely to detect any misleading information or outdated data.

Because the process of credit repair requires enormous amount of time and knowledge of federal consumer laws, let GCM help you fight against inaccurate reporting practices and abuse/ violation of Federal Credit Reporting Act.

GCM is 100% in compliance with the law. We average a 60-100 point credit score increase in three to six months but some of our clients have seen results in as little as 35 days.  Just a 20 point increase in your credit score can mean the difference of tens of thousands of dollars in interest paid over the life of a home/car loan as the following example clearly illustrates.

high interest rates

Additional Benefits:      

>>Individual Attention/Unique Treatments: Each client's experience will be tailored to meet his or her own specific need and preference.

>>Repeat Business/Recommendations: GCM provides the kind of personalized services that brings people back and encourages customers to recommend their friends, family members, and co-workers. Ask our staff how you can earn extra cash through the referral program when your family members or friends sign up for our program.

>>Unbeatable Prices/Incomparable Solutions: We have integrated the Pay Per Deletion Option for our credit repair program, in which we do not charge any upfront or hidden fees pursuant to the Credit Repair Organization Act (hereinafter, the “CROA”), yet the quality of our services remain the same.

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