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Success Stories

We are always receiving positive feedbacks on how our expertise has helped people reclaim control of their lives.  Our greatest reward is to hear that our staff and systems have exceeded client expectations time and again! Let us help you to achieve your financial goals.

Here's what people are saying about Global Credit Management!

Global Credit Management has truly changed my life and has inspired me to rebuild my future on solid grounds.  Unforeseen situations forced me to file for bankruptcy last year leaving me financially drained.  My credit was really damaged and I could not even qualify for a cell phone!!!  I couldn’t find help anywhere.

As a father of 3 young kids, I became devastated and I began to lose all hopes. Then a friend referred me to Global Credit Management. I must admit, I was hesitant at first.  But Global Credit Management’s friendly staff reassured me that I had nothing to lose but bad credit.  Global Credit Management was able to significantly raise my credit score and I am now a proud first-time homeowner! I appreciate everything that GCM has done for me and my family.
Eric Johnson - San Diego, CA

Thanks to Global Credit Management I can now manage my debt easily. I don’t know what I would have done without their customized programs. I learned so many ways to improve my financial situation, reduce my credit card debts, and acquire more wealth. Now I am returning the favor by referring my friends and family members to GCM so that they can be in control of their debts like myself. I highly recommend Global Credit Management to anyone with damaged credit!
Denis La Fayette - Toronto, Canada

I was going through some really hard times when I lost my job eight months ago.  I couldn’t pay for any of my bills and I was accumulating large amount of debts.  By the time I got a new job, the damage was already done.  Most of my debts were in collections and the outstanding fees were outrageous.  I wanted to start over and fix my credit. I initially tried to fix my credit myself, but I did not know where to start. I had so many negative items on my credit report so I knew I needed some professional help. So I began to look for the best credit repair companies. After reviewing many options, I chose Global Credit Management.
Samantha Clark – Los Angeles, CA

I have been very pleased with Global Credit Management. Just nine months ago, I purchased a used car with a large down payment and a loan of over 20% APR. My credit was so bad I had no choice but to settle for the worst possible loan ever.  After signing up with GCM, my credit standing improved dramatically.  Today, I am searching to purchase my dream home. I do not have to worry about a large down payment and financing since my FICO Score is over 700!!!  I cannot stop thanking Global Credit Management enough!!!
Philip Yen - Manhattan Beach, California

Who knew that one phone call would make such a difference in my life today? I have made some huge financial mistakes in the past, which have affected my credit for years.  But when I finally decided to get a copy of my credit reports, I was shocked to see that it contained so many errors. My full name was not even correct!!  I am so glad that I was able to sign up with GCM. Fixing credit is one thing, but learning the tools to managing debt has allowed me to stop the vicious cycle of living a stressful life.  Knowledge is power and I appreciate all continued support and educational resource from GCM.
Jessica Mendoza – Anaheim, California

I want to express my gratitude for all that GCM have done to help me fix my credit and get back on track. They have been extremely professional and ethical in their approach and unlike some other companies; they answered all my questions without asking for payment up front. Their customer service is outstanding and I have no hesitation in recommending GCM to anybody seeking help with their credits.
David Smith - London, UK