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Debt-to-Income Ratio Calculator: An Overview of your Financial Worthiness

For years, lenders have looked at debt-to-income ratios to get a better grasp on a person's current financial picture to determine credit-worthiness. This is simply the percentage of your monthly gross income (before taxes) that is used to pay your monthly debts. Use this calculator to calculate your debt-to-income ratio.

Now that you have calculated your debt-to-income ratio, understanding what it means to you is the next step.

36% or less is an ideal ratio because it shows lenders that you can control your spending in relation to your income.

If you are concerned that your debt is not manageable according to this debt & income ratio, please take immediate action to aggressively reduce your debt by contact us at (888) 247 � 8882. Keeping your debt at a manageable level is one of the foundations of good financial health.