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Stop Debt Collectors’ Abusive Threats & Harassment Calls Now:

You could earn up to $1,000 in Compensation!

One thing is for sure when you deal with debt collectors - they just don't go away that easily! If you’ve ever had credit, chances are you probably already know a little about debt collectors’ harassment. Collection agencies can be relentless in their pursuit to collect on a debt, whether it is yours or not.  However, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, or FDCPA, has strict guidelines about what debt collectors can and cannot do. As a consumer, it’s important that you’re aware of these standards. Harassment by debt collectors in any form is a violation of the FDCPA and you can even be awarded up to $1,000 per action of statutory damages. Know your rights - fight back against pushy debt collectors & stop them in their tracks!

Recognizing Debt Collectors’ Abuse


Debt collectors may not harass, oppress, or abuse you in any ways. For example, they may not:
•    Use threats of violence or harm;
•    Use obscene or profane language; or
•    Repeatedly call you on the phone, especially before 8am or after 9pm in your time zone.

False statements

Debt collectors may not lie when they are trying to collect a debt. For example, they may not:
•    Falsely claim that they are attorneys or government representatives;
•    Falsely claim that you have committed a crime; or
•    Misrepresent the amount you owe.

Abusive threats

Debt collectors also are prohibited from saying that:
•    You will be arrested if you don’t pay your debt;
•    They’ll seize, garnish, attach, or sell your property or wages unless they are permitted
•    Legal action will be taken against you, if doing so would be illegal or if they don’t intend to take the action.

Unfair practices

Debt collectors may not engage in illegal procedures when they try to collect a debt. For example, they may not:
•    Try to collect any interest, fee, or other charge on top of the amount you owe unless the contract or your state law, allows the charge;
•    Take or threaten to take your property; or
•    Contact you by postcard.

If you need to file a subsequent complaint or a lawsuit, with sufficient evidence, our lawyers will take your case at no cost to you.

All you need to do is:

- Document ANY threats & keep a record of ALL phone calls from debt collectors.

- Then report them immediately to Global Credit Management.

- GCM protects your rights for FREE!